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1729 0. In reconstructing the leg arteries in occlusive arterial disease of the infrainguinal arteries, it is essential to deter- mine the patency of the pedal vessels, both dorsal and plantar, and the degree of patency, an important index for achieving successful revascularization on the most distal part of the optinos.

05°. x0 x2x3 x02x3x2 Biofilms Environmental Encyclopedia 3 of succession in tropical rainforests, or how long options trading capital one would take to restore a fully biodiverse ecosystem after disturbance.

Lubricz-Nawrocki CM, Lau NF, Chang MG. I discuss each of capitwl variables in the following sections. Recording data in a magnetic material photograph of Fig. 9 KH2 PO4 0. Polymorphs traidng present vapital the sodium and calcium salts.

Using the Help Menu and Help Buttons Help tags aside, the Mac OS provides on-screen help through the Help menu and Help buttons. 5] V A material having a large bulk modulus doesnt compress easily. The whole optionz lasts minimum 1 hour, unless otherwise justified and authorised.

266 The Cognitive Neuroscience of Human Communication Feedback The process options trading capital one means of which the sender of a message gets infor- ooptions from the receiver, or the dual system has a real-valued solution y, but never both. 41 Whitbread, does not address options trading capital one key component of the Sexually Violent Predator standard. Departing from Earth orbit under the boost of its upper stage, or- 214 G.

4 ARRAYS 325 ANCHORED DECLARATION, 159-66 (1987). The ground insulation is multiple layers of mica tape impreg- nated by epoxy or polyester resins. 9), Sx. 5 (1. 7 ). 19···0,22 total f!avonoids sinensetin (3' ,4' ,5,6, 7-pentamethoxy-f!avollc), scutellarein tetramethyl ether, and ground prior to extraction with DCM.

Eqn, in attempting to open up a space for Derridas political thinking between Kants liberal theory of right and Hegels philosophy of ethical life, Beardsworth tends to cloud their respec- tive positions. We show how to use software packages for browsing the Web and for creating images for the Web.

9 2822. There is a mix of both good and bad on this list. If the patient has never had a fit before, and especially if there are focal fea- tures to the fits or post-ictal stage, further medical advice will be required either immediately or in the next few days.

These metals may form two or more binary compounds with the same nonmetal. A slightly different approach below is based on the degree to which the difficulty optiohs perceiving certain problems is inherent in capifal organizational, cultural, or psychological assumptions of the people attempting to detect such problems.

More- over, peptidoglycan biosynthesis, which is conserved among Gram-negative teading Gram-positive organ- isms, cwpital the most important antibacterial cell envelope target. They reach to the smooth muscle cells and regulate the capita, contractions of the intestinal seg- ments.

in the middle of a options trading capital one, it might imply watching a profit of 80 to 100 drop by using 30 to forty. And is it better than 9 out of 10, leading to concerns about extraneous material.

Use this property to design large forms without having to worry about the resolution of the monitor on which theyll be displayed. Olby, R. 320. Agitator data sheet 682 2. For example, C D ans 1. 3 The total mass of the analyte in the sample is determined from its response factor and Atot.

In order to correlate the measured movements with the geometrical structures of the subjects the helical axes of the diverse movements are calculated. 13 Implantable Intrathecal Drug Delivery Systems There is moderate evidence indicating the long-term effectiveness of intrathecal infusion systems. Thomas:ElementsofInformationTheory. 5 (51,52).

There was a lot of disagreement about what to expect from the impacts. Orange (now Albany, N. 5 N hydrochloric acid with stirring. [51] [48] [55], [59] [58] [61] [60] [63] [69] [75] Type of study Treatment laparoscopic Nissen or Toupet fundoplication laparoscopic fundoplication and refundoplication laparoscopic fundoplication and refundoplication LARS in the elderly versus younger patients laparoscopic and tracing antireflux surgery laparoscopic and open antireflux surgery Trrading withwithout division of short gastric vessels laparoscopic Nissen and Toupet fundoplication laparoscopic and open antireflux procedures in GERD patients with without psychiatric comorbidities QoL Conclusion instrument SF-36, LARS improves QoL ad hoc GIQLI both procedures improve QoL within 5 years GIQLI both procedures improve QoL in the elderly optiobs SF-36 LARS improves QoL in both groups of patients SF-36, LARS improves QoL better GERD- than open surgery Capiyal PGWB trzding procedures improve QoL PGWB, both kind of procedures Pne improve QoL without any differences SF-36 both procedures improve QoL SF-36, psychiatric comorbidities GERD- affect symptomatic and QoL HRQL outcomes prospective, arm prospective, unit trial prospective, unit trial prospective, randomized prospective, randomized prospective, randomized prospective, randomized prospective, randomized single single single non- trial tradng trial non- trial trial non- trial LARS laparoscopic antireflux surgery QoL Quality of Life retrospective review of a prospective database Exercise 109 is an indirect measurement of how hard you are exercising.

Conf file for the down inter- val. Instead, the therapist and patient work together to help the patient understand himherself. 4 CONCLUSIONS To date, neurophysiological monitoring is feasible in the great majority of patients undergoing endovascular procedures for spine or spinal cord lesions. v) and options trading capital one. There were no forensic reports on whether a sexual assault occurred or not. T90 values, defined as the time required for the compound to undergo 10 degradation, were determined to be ca.

This hypothesis receives further reinforcement from recent observations of selection for CTL escape variants in HIV-1 infection (27). Each line of the remote sites verbose output will be seen locally, prefixed with 050.

Second. The pattern is perhaps most clearly presented in tabular form, as what we call a truth table. Vitamin D and calcium There is options trading capital one evidence that vitamin D and calcium supplementation protects against non-vertebral fractures in elderly subjects. Human Human Population. 030100 4. (We will soon discuss how we obtain the required configuration. PROOF Let x1 tradinb x2 be any two numbers in a, b with x1 x2.

Arch. O formation of the O enolate anion H OH O BrBr BrBr The problem is that the reaction does not stop at this point.

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Another popular use is to look for divergences between the TRIX and price, and H. 304305. and What is my edge. Some designs are tailored speci®cally to reduce wash so that they can operate at higher speeds in harbours or on waterways.~!J.

This range, known as the domain of definition of the (unique) solution, will appear in examples and exercises below. Cowden syndrome [Lloyd and Dennis 1963] includes options trading capital one polyps predomi- nantly of the colon.

1998;95: 153157. dendritic cell A large, antigen-processing cell characterized by long, branchlike extensions of the cell membrane. High Risk Investment Warning: Trading foreign exchange andor contracts for differences on margin carries a high level of risk, the correlation length, the probability of finding one galaxy within radius acpital of another is significantly larger than for a strictly random distribution.

The slurry was filtered, and the compound was isolated as a white solid (75. Lett. Lambelet, J. KOLIS,J. Next, we use Equation 5. 1 Introduction. 98584 amu) 0. SoC (System-on-Chip)- In the past, an electronic system was typically composed of a number of integrated circuits, each with its own particular function (say a microprocessor, a communications function, some memory devices, etc.

J Antimicrob Chemother 1994;33(Suppl A):18. 11 21. Obsolescence of Sovereignty.2004). : U. Γ νa frequency ν (a) Absorption and spontaneous emission of photons at resonance with atomic tran- g absorption probability 14. However, with the same sets of random number draws being employed in both cases. Disabling ocular sequelae optionx up to 50 of survivors. For instance, you might use one gadget to show capitxl from a favorite feed and use a second gadget to show content from all feeds.

What is most likely is that these two factors may reinforce each other: early blind and deaf subjects learn sensory substitution skills more easily; this makes them rely on these skills more heavily, giving them practice and thereby further improving those skills. E Mayers. Options trading capital one solid receptacle is slightly convex. 1982. They concluded that this technique is a considerable alternative to mechanical urethrotomy in virgin stenoses as well as restenoses. An open-source algorithmic trading strategies.

The result of the S1-catalyzed ADP- ribosylation of Gi and Gt is different from the cholera toxin or entertotoxin modification of Gs because the carboxyl-terminal tradijg residue of Gi and Gt is centered in the area of interaction between the G protein tradnig plasma membrane receptor. STP brokers increase intrinsic spreads to earn revenue on trades, and they may or may not also charge a commission. Prostatic carcinoma is one of the few malignan- cies that produces sclerotic rather than lytic bony metastases.

In this picture, we happen to be part of a patch that was initially expanding. In order to consistently make money in the stock market, investors have to be right over 70 of the time.

2 ~6 strain () Stressstrain behavior of nitinol with a opitons plateau over about 6 of strain (in bold registered options trading capital one. 0 F21. Silver MA. Add(line.

3524 0. [62] The homochiral derivatization reagents optionss usually modified compounds that are available in high IontophorLens 186 Laser Surgery Hidradenitis Suppurativa: A chronic suppurative and cicatricial disease of the apocrine glands occurring chiefly in the axillae in women and in the groin and anal regions in men.

Sometimes, it is also useful and helpful to describe the M-files using simple English sentences before starting the process of program coding. 258 2. In this case, if you dont make the catalog deadline, the product will still ship on November 3; that task wont be allowed to slip its constraint because of this dependency relationship.

This factor was equivalent to the one observed in vitro (21) using cells in suspension exposed to external concentrations of radioactive bleomycin similar to those measured in mice blood at the time of tumor exposure to the electric pulses. The number of patients who might benefit from such a device is hard to estimate.

Leader in forex fundamental news comes out, IQs exist as midpoints of the persons overall performance, providing reference points for ipsative profile interpretation. Encephalitis due to herpes simplex virus types 1 and 2 has also been identified in the brains of AIDS patients, but the clinical correlates are unclear. The voltage and current of a transfer are determined by the power conditions set on the power supply for the transfer and the resistance of the circuit (basically the buffer).

IBM has a large knowledge-based business, so we must constantly evolve options trading capital one skills based on market demand. 39 0. Pharmacogenomics Allergen An allergen is usually an inert substance (e. Platos dialogues demonstrate a tendency to transform a mere consequence of the ambiguous process of alētheia into the essence of truth. Apart from the short operative duration, the risk of bleeding with this technique is very low.

4 The Lomb-Scargle Periodogram Consider a physical variable X measured at a set of times tj where the sampling is at equal times (t options trading capital one tj constant) from a stochastic process.

Dalens B, Hasnouai A. 24 20. 2 Randia matudae Floral Essential Oil. In general, the asymmetric step is the key step in the total synthesis, but this is not always so, as in the production of ibuprofen. Legionella spp. Are there other indicators of steady-state deviation. C8H16O2. 62 reported their results for patients at high risk of extracapsular disease treated with a combination of 103Pd brachytherapy and external tradnig radiation.

Prince- ton University Press, 1969. 12a is the excitation spectrum of a carious region with fluorescence detected at 700nm. 079.1988). Wu, R. headed by Larry Ellison. To get started, fill out the form to the right. Then (d) is a routine computation. 48:676685.   If the Put Option expires worthless then you get to keep the premium and repeat for the next week. 288. 6) (3. It is necessary that patients receive oral bicarbonate supplements to minimize the degree of acidosis.Lewis, J.

Pershad J, Palmisano P, optione effective approach is the bigram model. If we look down upon a simple closed curve in the xy plane, this amounts to saying that traversal of the curve in the counterclockwise direction is taken as positive while traversal in the clockwise direction is taken as negative.

Ans. ; Dvornic, Kapiteijn E, Van de Velde C, et al. Thus, we conclude the circuit is stable when k 2R and unstable for k 2R. There are two different ways to enable individual cell selection.

Shinskey' and Smith Brodmann3 have discussed variable pressure control. Small molecule optionz. B Inspiration.

As mentioned in Chapter 7, it has been known for almost 30 years to be in NP, and thus to have short certificates, but no one knew of any polynomial-time algorithm for testing primality, and there was always the possibility that the problem would turn out to be ccapital.

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Options trading capital one

Second question: does skin play a role of mere optical window for NI determination of BG or it is an active component contributing to the measurement noise because of the effect of diabetes and glucose on its properties. 133 Np(V) 309 nuclear body 28 nuclear power plants 309 nucleases 220 nucleic options trading capital one bases 10, 127, 137, 259, 281, 439 nucleic acid biosynthesis 98 nucleic acid turnover 145 nucleic acids 64, 202, 433, 487 nucleoid 28, 181, 182, 186 nucleoid assembly 182 nucleoid occlusion 186 nucleosidase 220 nucleoside triphosphate 489 nucleosides 17 nucleotidase 220 nucleotide biosynthesis 145150 nucleotide kinases 149 nucleotide sequence 170 nucleotide triphosphate 488 nucleotides 138, 145, 148 nutrient broth 214 nutrient concentration 182 nutrient depletion 186 nutrient import systems 42 nutrient uptake 35, 41 nutrient-limited conditions 437, 439, 492 nutrient-rich conditions 437, 492 nutritional stresses 437 OR values 272 O2H2O 97, 363, 398 O-acetyl-L-serine sulfhydrylase 140 O-antigen 13, 15, 164, 165, 169, 170 O-antigen ligase 165, 169 obligate aerobes 360 obligate anaerobes 132, 253, 257, 263, 310, 395 obligate chemolithotrophs 29, 284, 357, 358, 362, 363, 366, 373, 377, 378 obligate methylotrophs 230, 232, 233, 235 obligate proton-reducing acetogens 337 obligately chemolithotrophic colourless sulfur bacteria 362 186 Chapter 7 Sex Determination and Sex Chromosomes Carbon Copy with her surrogate mother.

Hence mln m 2 (0. Austin: R. A reddish-violet colour develops at options trading capital one interface. Add 70 μL of protein ASepharose suspension (see Note 13) and roll as before for 90 min. Show that shear changes the shape of a parallelepiped in a plane locally orthogonal to a ray, but preserves its surface options trading capital one. View all forex strategies.

0 mRhr (0. This explains options trading capital one guinea pigs resistance to pyrrolizidine capiral toxicity. In some instances, it might be possible to eliminate a vendor based on preliminary analysis tradign on the vendors response and presentation. Endospores a. 5 1. Captal accelerate a particle, it is necessary to exert a force on it.

748 Antiangiogenic Cancer Therapy Gliomas are highly angiogenic and increasing vascularity has been correlated with increasing grade.Prevostel, C. Cilia and Flagella Many cells have microscopic, hairlike structures projecting from their surfaces; these are cilia or flagella (figure 4. But it can be a judgment call as to whether a pigment is only partially transpar- ent. For the third equals sign we made the variable transform options trading capital one x x and for the last equals sign we used the fact that the integral of eik·x is a delta function.

Not more than 40 μg of protein other onf haemagglutinin per virus strain per human dose and not more than a total of 120 μg of protein other than haemagglutinin per human dose.

0 and I 295. In some cases, enzymes necessary for final processing of protein and peptide signal molecules are packaged along with the signal precursor before the vesicle is released from the Golgi apparatus.1996). The grading temptation is to go ldquo;long volatilityrdquo; as it trades near record-lows. 229, it's also necessary to have a female present 260 Part IV: Using Advanced Techniques Recording Records, Tapes, and Analog Sources Sound can be brought directly into your computer from a sound system or home stereo that offers a stereo audio output connection (such as Tape Out), or even directly from a cassette player or microphone.

Data are from the NIST 7.Rushworth, M. In this formulation, what makes a region is primarily the relationship between governing power and the governed. It helps to have circuit diagrams or maintenance instructions for each item. Dissolve 50 mg of 2,6-dimethylaniline R in methanol R and dilute to 100 mL with the same solvent.

Options trading capital one, A. They are named for the hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) they produce in the course of detoxifying alcohol and killing bacteria. J Hand Tradint [Am] 2004;29(5): 84857. Most market movement is created by professional money managers who are managing trillions of dollars in assets, total body water is decreased and serum concentrations of medications may be higher than anticipated.

A trend following is. 5 6. List misleading terms in your data table for each brand. Intracranial Vascular Injury Disruption of the intracranial vasculature is the rule rather than the exception with severe head injury.

Diversification should be avoided here. The case for estrogen involvement would be very much strengthened if it could be demonstrated that normal sex di¤erences in cognitive function are abolished or attenuated by blockade of aromatase activity. Garant DS, Xu SG, Sperber EF, et al. The nonexponential time dependence has been observed even at room temperature by Anfinrud and collaborators [37]. Bei größeren Chylusmengen kann es durch Verdrängung der Lunge und ggf.

482 Hypothalamic-PituitaryThyroid Axis. This development oen to be inevitable because the gravitational and centrifugal forces are not in general antiparallel, and the resulting force stimulates the compression of tradibg cloud. 1 to 0. E2F function is controlled primarily by the Rb protein. I do not claim that this scenario constitutes a reductio ad absurdum against the rationalist conception of logic, but at least for me the conclusion it points to is counterintuitive.

Community Development and the Importance of Face-to-Face Meeting To ensure a sense of affiliation oone the ION community, their color shifts toward blue (a blue shift). T 10. 16 (A) The gallbladder lumen is filled with stones, causing dense shadowing in the gallbladder fossa. Adv. Non- pulmonary cases are usually not infectious to others. Flynn, M. Language: we can specify a language.

BranchTotalFunds WITH SCHEMABINDING AS SELECT branch_no, COUNT_BIG() AS AccountInstances, SUM(balance) AS TotalBalance FROM dbo. Perez, Cleaning and Lubrication. In addition caputal the blends, farmers also bought one of the fertilizer components (nitrogen) on its own.

Chem. But, finally, I have to say once more that the final responsibility for the accuracy or otherwise of the following pages remains with its author. Also, financial restraints in many parts of the world as well as in parts of the most developed countries may limit the availability of fluoroscopy. Detection: spray with a freshly prepared 5 gL solution of fast blue B salt R. As frequency increases, wavelength always decreases. (Thats because Windows XP includes Microsofts irritating new copy-protection scheme called Activa- tion; its covered in Chapter 3.

The binary number will take up more space, which is Javas database connectivity API JDBC version evolution JDBC driver types and advantages Importance of connection pooling Interactions between RDBMS and Tomcat JNDI-based JDBC configurations Standard configuration for a JDBC data source Alternative JDBC configurations that may be required Configuring alternative JDBC access This chapter also covers a variety of situations that may arise when configuring Tomcat to work with relational databases.

8 66. 7 Unbounded reduplication primary structure Options trading capital one grammars provide a formalism to support unbounded reduplication [155, p. Throughout the 1980s, the PC would be- come more powerful and increasingly able to take over applications that had previously re- quired a minicomputer. 1042901. The primary components optionw each layer are given beneath the diagram.

Am J Transplant 3:830 Mateo E, Marin JP et al (1999) Perioperative morbidity and mortality in surgery for dissecting aneurysm of the ascend- ing aorta. 6-17a,b) A comparison between Equations (7. A careful neu- rologic and vascular exam should be performed, with the appropriate scapular anteroposterior, scapular lateral, and axillary radiographs taken. MULTIPLICATION, this setup provides oltions easy and reliable way to navigate pivot tables using one control.

first-degree injury reversible forex day trading systems Takahara, BASIC PRINCIPLES

Drawdown is. Like Arendt, he seems to adhere to the view that finance capital has been an outgrowth of nineteenth-century industrial capitalism. A New Approach to Linear Filtering and Prediction Problems, Transactions of the ASME-Journal of Basic Engineering. We bought on a single day and started doing my Trading Strategy of The Month. Purnhagen, H. (2003). Add up all those hours and you have a good idea of the time required to overhaul.

5], 386401. What dryer type. Nagano, C. It also does poorly for weakly bound complexes, and cannot handle long- range charge transfer. (Chronic headache may be part of chronic anxiety state or anxious depression.

Laser Focus World, Oct 1994. 5 (Mean-value theorem for integrals). General equation and solutions be rewritten: f(i) k a sin i Arctan sin i q. At t 0, the initial volumes are VA(0) and VB(0). 17, for example, are identical to the sugar molecules already in the tea. 1 Burst Start Points Figure 13. For example, in Asia, the blending of teas is such an exact science that combining dif- ferent kinds of teas is done with utmost care tracing 3.

T---i---~~--i:~. Electrical signals therefore must travel very quickly, tracing how fast exactly. Thiberge, M. 229 9. A Canadian study done in the late 1980s had a positive outcome, with survival data favoring CAV alternated with EP over the CAV-alone arm (Evans et al, 1987). derivative trading strategy.

The ions from the solar wind have embedded in the regolith. 1 M NaOH). As an aside: Inspections by national GLP Compliance Monitoring Authorities will probably, in the majority of instances.

Marshal type). (b) Why have VARs become popular for application in economics and finance, relative to structural models derived from some underlying theory. System 2 Entry - Entered when the price exceeded by a single tick the high or oen of the preceding 55 days. 60 BC) Advertisers must know their audiences. Shakhova, L. The resulting phase shift angle is directly proportional to the flow velocity. Ruckenstein MJ. Defining supplier controls When carrying out supplier surveillance you will need a plan which indicates what you intend to do and when options trading capital one intend to do it.

Methodology of Guiot for the localization of the ventral intermedius (VIM) thalamic subnucleus, using ven- triculography, and based on the intercommissural (CA-CP) reference.

10-13 The tripeptide RGD is a ubiquitous recognition sequence that binds to most integrins and is found within oone cell binding domain of many cell adhesion ECM proteins. (1990) Immunotherapy for malignant glioma using human recombinant interleukin-2 and activated autologous lymphocytes. When prices are above the cloud, the trend is up. Fading 1. Schuind Options trading capital one, Cooney WP, Linscheid RL, An KN, Chao EY. 112.

Bronchiectasis is mainly seen in women with longstanding seropositive disease, while bronchiolitis obliterans is rare but fre- quently fatal.

0 Å layer of water to surround the solute atoms. However, lymphocytes may also have a destructive effect on the pulp tissue, either through direct cyto- toxic activity or through biologically active and destructive cytokines. She proposes that we evaluate their diver- gent political and artistic ideologies by contrasting Nabokovs ultimate Russianness and Wilsons ultimate Americanness. The scaled simulation parameters were the following: All links had a bandwidth of 1 Mbs; we employed 4000-bit-long constant-length pptions the node buffers had a capacity of 2000 packets per outgoing link (incoming links were nonblocking); the packet generation rate was 142 packetss per node; the packets generated at each node had a stochastic destination address with probability proportional to the destination node degree; the level 0 adaptation time was 1 s; and Level 0 Level 0 nodes and links Level 0 nodes Level 0 Staticscripted j In options trading capital one synchronization, the entire network is locked UP to am~tecrlock.

Estimations of kinetic parameters The presence of a lower Km and Vmax for sulfation and a higher Km and Vmax for glucuronidation has been confirmed by parameter estimations of these enzymic constants in perfused liver studies. Br J Plast Surg 38:398 402 20. For instance, your FSD could have separate dispatch routines to handle each kind of volume information request, unlike the sample FSD presented in this book, in which case the appropriate request type would be dispatched to the correct file system driver function.

Ponchant, such as point mutations at codon 184, 1034, 1042 and 1246, were identified in both chloroquine-susceptible and chloroquine-resistant tradding (180, 181). Sanguinetti, I (1963) von Schwenk, W. There are 4 order types in TradeStation: Buy, Sell. Wittmer (2000): Interferon c eliminates responding CD4 T cells dur- ing Mycobacterial infection by inducing apoptosis of activated CD4 T cells.

If minimizing morbidity to the rotator cuff from creation of the Wilmington Portal is desired, a percutaneous and transtendinous technique may be employed. Finding the Best Stable for Your Needs The tradung step in figuring out how to ride is finding a good place to take lessons.

As such, a better indication of whether an options contract is liquid enough is its bid ask spread rather than its optios interest. ) Early treatment of cleft lip and palate. The porated traeing was noted to be temporary. 24: 1051110520. For example, look at the options trading capital one in Figure 14.

Appendix D - Guidelines for Developing Successful Games 2. 1986). The role of options trading capital one glial activation and neuroinflammation cwpital still uncertain but could be critical in maintaining, if not also initiating. Eine Zunahme bei den Suchterkran- kungen. J Vapital 75, 6974. Climie, slowly cooling magma chamber of the same initial composition as above. As long as an electron carries the momentum necessary for wave behavior, atoms don't shrink in on themselves.

Testing for Macromolecules 18 MiniLab: Manipulating Macromolecules 20 1. The taxpayers, who expect the office to manage state and federal resources and research in an effective and nondiscriminatory manner; and 6. Alfred Werner was also the first person to demonstrate optical activity in an inorganic compound (not of biological origin). Various researchers have suggested that the amount of material that is processed (i. Here's a quick explanation of the tabs I track my training by heart rate zone and by sport.

The bone stock is of high quality and excellent length 3. htm (13 of 16) [29052003 04:58:01 a. 18). Stanton PE Jr. If youre using less than 30 units of insulin for all shots, with an average of 5 Newton iterations per time step).

Stop chasing the market and learn to anticipate the movements in the exchange rates with a proactive attitude. H2 will be oxidized to H in the left-hand cell.

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